Aquarius God­dess

JAN 20 — FEB 18

CLEO (Malaysia) - - @PLAY -

Star Qual­ity: You are a quirky, un­pre­dictable non­con­formist. Be­ing a visionary and saviour, you have an in­tense in­ner force and your pas­sions are aroused when you see in­jus­tices. You’re orig­i­nal, cre­ative, smart, and in­de­pen­dent – you know what you want and won’t com­pro­mise to create your dream life. You can be zany and funny too – which is lucky as you love to mix in large groups and make oth­ers laugh.

Flip Side: When it comes to close re­la­tion­ships, you’re most con­fi­dent when peo­ple stay at arm’s length as you keep your in­de­pen­dence! Nor­mal­ity is bor­ing and you will let some­one down if some­thing you deem as more im­por­tant comes along. You’re also very stub­born. For all your pro­gres­sive­ness, you like to stick to your usual rou­tines .

Your Look: As you’re not afraid to break the rules, you’re a trend­set­ter who stands out, of­ten but not al­ways, in an el­e­gant way! You usu­ally love colour and will con­stantly be chang­ing – just as peo­ple think they’ve got a han­dle on you, you’ll whip out a new look. But whether flo­ral prints, stars and stripes, or a scarlet dress – you’ll al­ways rock it!

This Month: Your ideas will be par­tic­u­larly cre­ative but there may be resistance – in­tel­li­gently bash down walls and keep rolling for­ward. Op­por­tu­ni­ties to travel, study or open up your life in some other great way will keep com­ing. Sift through the in­vi­ta­tions and fo­cus on the hot ones! Get­ting or­gan­ised will be a must and once you do, you’ll dis­cover eas­ier ways of get­ting the bor­ing stuff out of the way!

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