Put The Eyes In Smize

Tired of be­ing told you look ex­hausted be­cause of the shad­ows and fine lines un­der your eyes? This ar­ti­cle is ded­i­cated to you.

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Get rid of fine lines and shad­ows once and for all.

Your Eyes And You

People can tell a lot from your eyes; whether you’re a party an­i­mal or some­one who gets a good eight hours of sleep ev­ery night. Arthur Pel­le­grino, Vice Pres­i­dent of Re­search and De­vel­op­ment at El­iz­a­beth Ar­den, ex­plains that the skin around our eyes is thin­ner, dryer, and more del­i­cate com­pared to the rest of our body. It also has lesser pores which makes it more vul­ner­a­ble to dry en­vi­ron­ments and sun dam­age. There­fore it’s the first place to show signs of age­ing, stress, and of course, lack of sleep. Un­der­ly­ing health prob­lems aside, how does the eye area lose its glint? Here are pos­si­ble fac­tors:

Not enough shut-eye

If you are ex­hausted from star­ing a com­puter screen for long hours or just not catch­ing enough Zs, then fa­tigue is strain­ing your eyes and mak­ing your skin look dull.


Skin thins as we age due to the loss of col­la­gen. Also, as we get older, the blood flow be­neath the skin around the eye be­comes slug­gish.

Hered­ity and ge­net­ics

Your fam­ily gen­er­ally has a his­tory of thin skin or more pig­ment be­neath the eyes.

Air­borne al­ler­gens

Al­ler­gens such as pollen, dust mites, and cer­tain weeds can lead to al­ler­gic re­ac­tions/nasal con­ges­tion, which can cause blood to pool in the ves­sels of the skin un­der the eyes.

Ex­ces­sive pig­men­ta­tion

Though dark cir­cles ap­pear on all skin tones, it af­fects those with tanned or darker skin more. Sun ex­po­sure can worsen shad­ows around your eyes, which is why pro­tect­ing skin from UV rays is im­por­tant.

Binge drink­ing

Dark cir­cles are a sign of de­hy­dra­tion ex­pe­ri­enced through ex­ces­sively con­sum­ing al­co­hol or caf­feinated bev­er­ages. What can be done to tame this prob­lem? Mask­ing it with con­cealer, mak­ing bet­ter life­style choices, sooth­ing tired peep­ers, or adding an eye cream to your skin­care reg­i­men can help min­imise the ef­fects ten­fold.

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