TXC (Tranex­amix Acid Cetyl Ester) Mol­e­cule


The charm be­hind Le Blanc: Chanel’s exclusive whiten­ing ac­tive in­gre­di­ent.

WHAT IT IS The TXC mol­e­cule was first re­leased in 2011, af­ter nine years of re­search. It was cre­ated to tar­get fac­tors re­spon­si­ble for the chain re­ac­tion of melanin pro­duc­tion in all skin lay­ers. It pro­gres­sively re­leases its power for 12 hours when in con­tact with skin cells’ en­zymes to re­duce ex­ist­ing dark spots and limit the for­ma­tion of new ones.

POWER UP Three years of additional re­search have re­sulted in the un­veil­ing of a new power be­hind the TXC mol­e­cule. Did you know that even when your skin is not ex­posed to the sun, it still faces many as­saults that put it in a con­stant state of stress? This causes melanocytes (the cells that pro­duce melanin) to flare up and ac­cel­er­ate in pro­duc­tion. In Le Blanc, the TXC mol­e­cule is able to coun­ter­act this ten­sion by cre­at­ing a pro­tec­tive zone around melanocytes. This cre­ates calm­ness and con­trol, thus lim­it­ing the over­pro­duc­tion of melanin so that skin is even­tu­ally bright­ened and evened out.

2-Year Pearl Ex­tract

Putting the glow back into your skin.

WHAT IT IS Chanel Re­search selected the Akoya pearl from Ja­pan, a pearl known for its ex­cep­tional lus­ter, del­i­cate colour, and per­fectly smooth sur­face, and cul­ti­vates it for two years in Uwa­jima on the western coast of Ja­pan to reach its prime ma­tu­rity for the high­est qual­ity. Once done, the pearl not only re­veals in­cred­i­ble lu­mi­nos­ity but also con­tains an ex­cep­tional amount of ac­tive mois­tur­is­ing mol­e­cules.

POWER UP In Le Blanc, the 2-Year Pearl Ex­tract works on the even­ness of your com­plex­ion and the qual­ity of your skin. Its glycine-rich com­po­si­tion hy­drates skin and traps wa­ter in­side for longer ac­tion. As a re­sult, skin’s bar­rier func­tion is re­in­forced to activate cell re­newal. At the same time, this ex­tract helps to pre­vent skin from be­com­ing dull and yel­low so that it re­mains fair and bright al­ways.

One Day Flower

A rare in­gre­di­ent with pre­cious pow­ers.

What It Is The One Day Flower blos­soms at dawn and fades at dusk. It is a po­tent nat­u­ral an­tiox­i­dant that is pre­cious to Chanel for its boost in whiten­ing ef­fects.

Power Up Don’t be mis­led by this flower’s fragility. The One Day Flower sup­ports the ef­fect of Le Blanc’s 2-Year Pearl Ex­tract by pre­vent­ing skin from turn­ing dull. It also am­pli­fies Le Blanc’s lu­mi­nous ef­fect on the skin sur­face.

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