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Be­hind the decks, they're fun, en­er­getic and spin mashups that kill ev­ery dance­floor. Fondly known as IMBYU, the trio proves that they are big­ger than life as they un­leash their brand of crazy on CLEO.

Imma*Bleep*YouUp (IMBYU), con­sist­ing of Mr. Fluff, Ad­dic3rd and Unkel Jaymz, is one of the hottest acts to emerge in Malaysia’s dance mu­sic scene since late 2010 and been on a steady climb ever since. They’re un­de­ni­ably zany, have im­pec­ca­ble taste in mu­sic, and re­ally know how to rock a crowd. In this exclusive in­ter­view, the boys gave CLEO a peek into what they deem as their “reg­u­lar Joe” lives.


F: I am Mr. Fluff due to the fluffy hair. And yes, my hair is nat­u­ral.

A: I go by Ad­dic3rd. It was my gam­ing ID and I just stuck to it.

J: My name, Unkel Jaymz, was coined by these two idiots. Be­cause they said I dress like an old man. When they first met me, I used to dress sharp. F+ A: Sharp? Sharp? J: I’d wear a shirt, slacks, proper shoes and these guys would get on my case. They’d ask me “Eh, why are you dress­ing up like you’re old?

A: He ac­tu­ally came to a gig in a shirt, slacks, and sport shoes.

J: It wasn’t sport shoes, for God’s sake. They looked like sport shoes but they were sneak­ers.

How did the name Imma*Bleep*YouUp come about?

F: At first we wanted to use the ac­tual ex­ple­tive be­cause we in­tended to re­ally bash the mu­sic into people’s faces.

A: And we re­alised we had to be ra­dio friendly so we self-cen­sored the name and used “bleep” in­stead. It also works as a blank that you can fill up with what­ever word you want. A lot of people mis­pro­nounce “Imma” though. They say ee-ma. We’ve been in­tro­duced as Ee­maBleep­YouUp. J: There was also Ee-ma*Bleep*Yoop. Be­cause the name is writ­ten as one whole word, they miss the “You Up” and say “Yoop” in­stead.

You’ve had a pretty good run in this last year - big shows with big names. How’s that been?

F: It’s been quite good. We’ve done quite well ac­tu­ally. The big­gest one was the LM­FAO show.

J: People were mis­tak­ing Fluff for Red­foo. We got up on stage with shades and people started scream­ing. F: So much noise be­cause of my hair. I said “What’s up, Sun­way?!” and ev­ery­one started scream­ing then I said, “I’m not Red­foo” ( Laughs)

A: And the whole crowd went “Oh!”

Would you say that’s your most mem­o­rable show so far?

F: The most mem­o­rable has to be Sun­down Fes­ti­val. We closed the two­day beach mu­sic fes­ti­val which had all these in­ter­na­tional acts. Ad­dic3rd was starstruck by DJ Lisa Lashes. I told her that he was a huge fan and she kissed him on the fore­head. He was stunned.

A: It was so un­ex­pected. To­tal fan­boy mo­ment! It was an awe­some night. We had bot­tles of cham­pagne to cel­e­brate and ev­ery­thing.

J: Yeah, and I wanted to spray the crowd but noth­ing came out and I ended up splash­ing good cham­pagne on some un­cles stand­ing nearby. They weren’t too happy.

You guys did the WOW Mu­sic Fes­ti­val too right?

A: No, that was just Fluff. F: Yeah, that was me. I had been keep­ing in touch with Ang­ger Di­mas for awhile now and that was the first time I

ac­tu­ally got to meet him in per­son and he asked if I’d want to em­cee for him and I said yes. Jaymz and Ad­dic3rd ended up com­ing in as “se­cu­rity”.

J: Ac­tual se­cu­rity ended up ask­ing us if people were okay to be let in and stuff, like we had a say in it. We let the cute girls in.

A: I sud­denly be­came the chief of se­cu­rity.

Talk­ing about girls, do you get a lot of at­ten­tion from them?

A: I’m still sin­gle. F: I don’t know but I have to say that Kota Kin­a­balu has some of the pret­ti­est girls.

J: I get noth­ing. I’m main­tain­ing my ‘Unkel ’ sta­tus.

Do all of you have day jobs?

A+ F+ J: Yup! A: I work at a loy­alty pro­gramme. F: I make mu­sic and jin­gles. I edit videos. Ghost pro­duc­ing. Any­thing that makes money.

J: I’m a light­ing con­sul­tant - ar­chi­tec­tural and in­te­rior light­ing de­sign.

How do you guys book shows? Do you make calls or do people call you?

J: It’s all our man­ager, Tina. Some­times it’s re­fer­rals by friends, some­times people call us.

F: We’ve had people in­vite us to cor­po­rate din­ners, birth­day par­ties and even a wed­ding din­ner.

A: We’ve played wed­ding din­ners twice. One was quite cool be­cause it was at The Pool. The other one, we had old ladies scold­ing us for our mu­sic. We weren’t even play­ing our usual reper­toire. It was all house-y and chilled out.

What’s a dream venue to play?

F+ J: To­mor­row­land! F: Elec­tric Daisy Car­ni­val! Ul­tra! A: All of it! J: As long we’re open­ing and we can catch the other acts af­ter we’re done.

When it comes to your mu­sic, here are you aim­ing to make it big?

F: The moon! A: Re­al­isit­i­cally, we want to make it in Malaysia first. Then we can go global. Why limit yourself? Tar­get small first then when you hit it, grow.

J: We’ll see where the wind takes us. We’ve had our song “Fat An­gry Birds” play in Clubs in Spain. And we didn’t know un­til we Googled our­selves.

Have you guys read any bad re­views about your­selves?

A: Not re­ally. But we were com­pared to a com­edy group in Hong Kong once.

F: It’s a com­pli­ment. We’re not the hot ones, we are the funny ones.

J: We can’t all look like Calvin Har­ris (Laughs).

What songs do you have on re­peat right now?

F: I love Let’s Be Friend’s remix of Gwen Ste­fani ’s “What You Wait­ing For”.

A: Skrillex’s “Shred Or Die” J: My jam is “Latch” by Dis­clo­sure. That’s on re­peat ev­ery day.

What’s the most em­bar­rass­ing thing you’re will­ing to ad­mit?

F: I don’t get em­bar­rassed eas­ily. I’m not shy. I can freak out any­way and act stupid. I don’t care.

A: He re­ally doesn’t care. I can’t re­mem­ber my em­bar­rass­ing mo­ments.

J: [Ed Note: Jaymz kept quiet de­spite how much the other two were sneak­ily rib­bing him).

How would you im­press a girl on a first date?

A: Din­ner and a movie. I don’t know. I suck at that. J: On a first date? I’d dress nicely. F: What? Sports shoes and a bow tie again? ( Laughs).

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