Pisces God­dess

FEB 19 — MAR 20

CLEO (Malaysia) - - @PLAY -

Star Qual­ity: You’re a woman of mys­tery who in­tu­itively weaves your way to suc­cess. While you’re pas­sion­ate and sen­si­tive, your power is of­ten in your se­crecy! You look for the deeper mean­ing of life and are happy to sup­port oth­ers. You can see straight through people, and be­ing able to con­nect bet­ter than most helps you in busi­ness and your per­sonal life. Es­capism is a must.

Flip Side: You some­times en­joy be­ing moody and feel­ing sorry for yourself. Eas­ily overwhelmed, you’ll run from prob­lems and stick your head in the sand. You’re also eas­ily dis­tracted and con­fused, and will equally con­fuse oth­ers. Even when you think ev­ery­thing is sorted, friends and boyfriends are of­ten left baf­fled. There are times when you can be highly ma­nip­u­la­tive and quickly be­come de­pen­dent on people and things.

Your Look: You en­joy dreamy and grace­ful fabrics and cuts. Be­ing fem­i­nine is a must but so is com­fort. Which is why you’ll pick flow­ing over fit­ted any day. Like the wa­ter you rep­re­sent, you love shim­mer­ing mermaid-style and are not against a bit of bling.

This Month: There’ll be a sense of ease, joy, and luck this month, and many good things will come. Be cre­ative but don’t keep it to yourself – the more you share your ideas, the more your cre­ativ­ity will grow. If you feel stuck, go back to the draw­ing board. Com­mu­ni­cate clearly what you want in love and learn to oc­ca­sion­ally put oth­ers first.

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