First Date Faux Pas

You’re try­ing to bait the catch. Not have him run­ning for the hills.

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So here you both are. The restau­rant is cosy but not too in­ti­mate. He’s cuter than you re­mem­ber, the wine is flow­ing, and the date is pan­ning out nicely. But just as you are eval­u­at­ing his at­ti­tudes, opin­ions and be­hav­iour, he is do­ing it right back to you. Here’s what you need to know to en­sure you don’t blow your chance of a sec­ond date.

First, show up on time! No one will quib­ble over a few min­utes but any­thing past the quar­ter-hour mark and he will be sit­ting alone with plenty of time to imag­ine a fu­ture filled with wait­ing for you out­side stores and rail­way sta­tions. While I’m sound­ing like your mum and dad, don’t dress too sex­ily. Again, this in­volves him pro­ject­ing months and years ahead of men ogling you in his pres­ence. We hate this so much be­cause we’ve been those men and we know the filthy thoughts they’re think­ing.

Leave your phone in your bag through­out the evening. If you must check in with a girl­friend or up­date your Twit­ter feed, do so in the pri­vacy of the bath­room. The only thing you should be pulling out of your bag is your purse when the bill ar­rives. Not say­ing you should pay for din­ner or even half of it. But you should of­fer, just as he should thank you and de­cline. Be care­ful when the sub­ject of pre­vi­ous re­la­tion­ships comes up – it shouldn’t but it might. First dates aren’t for es­tab­lish­ing whether you have sim­i­lar long-term ro­mance goals; they are for es­tab­lish­ing whether you could pos­si­bly end up broach­ing this sub­ject in a month or so. Men­tion kids, your

Men­tion kids, your ex’s com­mit­ment is­sues or your eggs and he will be feign­ing a mi­graine be­fore dessert.

ex’s com­mit­ment is­sues or your eggs, and he will be feign­ing a mi­graine be­fore dessert.

Cut him some slack if his jokes don’t quite land. A sense of hu­mour is as im­por­tant to him as it is to you. Noth­ing screams “She’s not for me” like an at­trac­tive woman you hardly know say­ing, “I don’t get it”, “That’s an old one” or “But why would a horse walk into a bar?”. In other words, this is the one in­stance where we are giv­ing you per­mis­sion to fake it a lit­tle.

Fi­nally, do not sleep with him. It will guar­an­tee you noth­ing ex­cept be­ing thought of as a girl who’s per­fect for a good time but not a long time.

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