Awk­ward !

IIr­refutable proof sexy times aren’t al­ways smooth sail­ing.

CLEO (Malaysia) - - SMART REPORT -

“We’d been out for din­ner and when we got to my place he was ea­gerly un­dress­ing me and ob­vi­ously ‘ready’ for sex. But when I went down on him, he lost his erec­tion com­pletely. No mat­ter what I did, he couldn’t get it back. We then had to have a re­ally un­com­fort­able con­ver­sa­tion about the whole thing.”

Stephanie, 27

“One night I couldn’t find any lube so used the clos­est thing I had mois­turiser. – bronz­ing When we fin­ished I re­alised that our in­ner thighs were a dif­fer­ent colour and our sheets were stained brown.”

Frankie, 18

“I got an eye in­fec­tion from hav­ing sex once. Just as my boyfriend was com­ing, he pulled out and ejac­u­lated onto my stomach, but some of it ac­tu­ally went fur­ther and got in my eye. I didn’t tell the doc­tor how it had hap­pened, that’s for sure.”

Maz, 24

“We were do­ing ‘ the nutcracker’, where you lie on your back in front of the guy and hook your leg shoul­der, over his and I pulled a back mus­cle. I couldn’t walk for a week!”

Rose, 26

“The first night I slept with a guy I’d been see­ing, he fell asleep dur­ing the deed. Ad­mit­tedly, night we’d had a big and he was drunk, doze but to ac­tu­ally off?!”

Tessa, 24

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