5 Habits Worth Steal­ing From Your Man

Okay guys, we con­fess. There are some good things about you.


1 His In-The -Mo­ment Vibe

Ad­mit­tedly, this is kind of an­noy­ing when you want him to make a plan and he’s all, “Babe, I don’t know what I’m hav­ing for lunch, let alone what I will be do­ing in three months.” But it’s ac­tu­ally a good les­son in the art of Zen. Bud­dhist monks have built a whole re­li­gion around liv­ing in the mo­ment, and the less you can dwell on the past or fret about the fu­ture, the hap­pier you will be.

2 His Eat­ing

They don’t feel guilty, they don’t cal­cu­late the amount of time it’s been since they last ate and they don’t think about how it’s go­ing to af­fect their body – they just eat! When you’re hun­gry, your body is telling you it needs fuel, so give it some pre­mium un­leaded.

We’d bet good money that a man coined the phrase, ‘no wor­ries, mate!’

3 His Care­free, Laid­back ’Tude

We’d bet good money that a man coined the phrase, “No wor­ries, mate!” This stress-free at­ti­tude sort of ties in with the whole liv­ing-in-the-mo­ment deal, but it goes one step fur­ther by cou­pling the be­liefs that noth­ing is too big of a prob­lem and that ev­ery­thing will work out for the best. Tell yourself that enough times and you’ll start to be­lieve it.

4 His Love For Mo­tor­bikes

Al­right, so you don’t have to get ob­sessed with dan­ger­ous ve­hi­cles, just some­thing that brings you loads of smiles. Guys make time to do things they en­joy, be it footy, gam­ing or knit­ting (Hello, Mr Gosling!), and they don’t com­pro­mise the time they want to spend do­ing it. How come? Be­cause whether they know it or not, they are feed­ing their souls by do­ing some­thing they love.

5 His Ego

Men don’t take any shit. Not happy with his job? He speaks up. Thinks the girl he’s see­ing is higher main­te­nance than a Kar­dashian? He tells her to take a hike. Dudes re­ally do be­lieve they de­serve the best, and if a sit­u­a­tion or per­son isn’t giv­ing them that, they see no prob­lem in talk­ing about it or get­ting out. Team this killer con­fi­dence with your em­pa­thy and kind­ness and oh, the places you’ll go!

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