So You Want My Job?

Shein takes CLEO into the world of broad­cast­ing in 3, 2, 1…


Name: Shein Shanin Age: 27 Job: Dig­i­tal and Broad­cast Jour­nal­ist

What’s a typ­i­cal day at work?

It’s hec­tic. Time is of the essence when it comes to the news­room. From the mo­ment you step into the of­fice, you are bom­barded with news, news, and more news. I am con­stantly on the go, but that’s what makes it ex­cit­ing. Ev­ery day for the last two years has given me a new ex­pe­ri­ence.

If you weren’t do­ing this, what kind of job do you think you’d have?

I stud­ied Law in univer­sity but I don’t think I would have be­come a lawyer. It didn’t make me happy. My motto in life is to al­ways do things that make me happy, and broad­cast­ing does just that.

What’s the best and worst part of your job?

The best part of my job is fi­nally see­ing the prod­uct of a hard day’s work and meet­ing a myr­iad of people on a daily ba­sis. That and hav­ing my makeup and hair done ev­ery day. The worst part is def­i­nitely the work­ing hours. When you work in broad­cast­ing, your sched­ule tends to change ev­ery week; say good­bye to your week­ends and your nights. My ad­vice? Just learn to em­brace your new broad­cast­ing fam­ily.

Do you still get ner­vous be­fore you go o on air?

I do. Pre­sent­ing or con­duct­ing in­ter­views gives me a huge adren­a­line rush. My mind is con­stantly look­ing for the next ques­tion. I take deep breaths and tell my­self that I’m m in charge of set­ting the tone.

Tell us an em­bar­rass­ing or funny ex­pe­ri­ence that’s hap­pened while you were on air.

I at­tended a press con­fer­ence with Cherie Blair and needed her an­swers for my pro­gramme. I held the mi­cro­phone for the en­tire du­ra­tion.The PR team prac­ti­cally wres­tled it away from me and said “Miss, the press con­fer­ence is over. Mrs Blair needs to leave.”

Rub­bing shoul­ders with Cherie Blair. C%e &r ' J()s: “I ll I’m

ch"$.” Shein has been work­ing as an an­chor and dig­i­tal jour­nal­ist at Astro Awani for two years.

Con­duct­ing in­ter­views gives Shein an adren­a­line rush.

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