Wil­liam Beale 24, PRO­DUCER


What are your long term goals? To pro­duce a fea­ture-like film to sub­mit to Sun­dance and pro­duce an al­bum, spo­ken word po­etry, and mu­sic. What is sexy about a woman’s skin? Flaw­less and smooth skin is sexy, but I much pre­fer women with small scars or tat­toos be­cause they tell a story; a con­fi­dent woman with a story is sex­ier. Amer­i­can English or Bri­tish English? Bri­tish English be­cause colour with­out the “u” just sounds weird. If you could change your name, what would it be? Banana Cheng, be­cause it’s the best name I’ve heard in a long time. What’s a fas­ci­na­tor? A tele­vi­sion critic who is too much of a fan girl.

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