Iz­zhar Putra 29, DOC­TOR / MARKETEER


What’s the fun­ni­est thing your par­ents

have ever told you as a kid? Try not to wear your pants too high. I think I did that at one point and it looked bad. Amer­i­can English or

Bri­tish English? A posh Bri­tish girl al­ways sounds bet­ter than a posh Amer­i­can girl. How im­por­tant is it for a man to take care of his skin?

I think it’s im­por­tant. It may not mat­ter to some, but hav­ing

healthy skin helps you tackle to­day’s un­for­giv­ing world. If you could change your name, what would it be? I wouldn’t change my name. It’s a pretty cool name. I can be called Izz, Izzy, Izzi­li­cious. What’s

an am­per­sand? Isn’t that a sym­bol

or some­thing?


that he’s been told

the Asian he looks like

Bass. ver­sion of Chuck

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