If you could time travel, which pe­riod would you go to? The Juras­sic pe­riod be­cause di­nosaurs are awe­some. And it would be in­ter­est­ing to see what hu­mans were like back then. Maybe it’s best if I could travel back and forth pretty quickly. Like if I get eaten by a di­nosaur, I can tele­port out of its tummy.

What’s your idea of a per­fect date? Def­i­nitely karaoke, so I can

sing Dis­ney songs. What’s the hard­est thing to un­der­stand about

women? In­tense makeup, like the re­ally plas­tered-on face. I don’t get that. What’s your dream des­ti­na­tion? Hawaii be­cause it seems to be great – the sun, sea, sand – and Ohana means fam­ily. What do you call the con­caved base of a wine bot­tle? The wine bum.

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