He’s tall, hand­some, and a brainiac who goes horse­back rid­ing. Is that you, Prince Charm­ing?


What’s the fun­ni­est thing your par­ents told you as a kid? That I came in a gift bas­ket. What was the name of your first pet? It was a name­less tur­tle and if I had the chance to name it, it would have been Tiger. What do you think of self­ies? They’re fun and yes, I take self­ies. If Pres­i­dent Obama can do them, why can’t we? Has any­one ever ac­cused you of be­ing too clingy? No, they’ve ac­cused me of be­ing the op­po­site – I should care more. De­scribe the word “jac­u­la­tion”. Ex­plo­sion out of a moun­tain.

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