Alex Ng 31, CAR DEALER


What’s the fun­ni­est thing your par­ents told you as a kid? Don’t eat chicken feet be­cause you’ll have bad hand­writ­ing. They only said that be­cause they like chicken feet and there are only two to a chicken and they wanted it for them­selves.

Name some­thing you have to do this year. Maybe get mar­ried. I’m get­ting old. Smarts, Good looks, Money, Good in bed; Which two

would you pick? Smarts and money. Be­cause I’m Chi­nese. if

a girl caught you ly­ing, what would be your first give­away? Over

ex­plain­ing. Or the hickey on my neck. What’s an am­per­sand? Sounds like Am­ber Chia.

alex loves to make

people laugh and is al­ways

up for a good time. he will

most likely be found at

a rave.


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