Raof Zain­ud­din 27, CON­TENT EDI­TOR


What’s the fun­ni­est thing your par­ents told you as a kid? They said if I played alone out­side in the af­ter­noon, the hantu tetek would come and get me. If you could time travel, which pe­riod would you go to? I’d go back to the 90s. I think it was the best decade. They had the best car­toons and ac­tion he­roes.

If you could change your name, what would it be? I’d change it to Car­los Ro­driguez. I’ve al­ways liked Ro­driguez. It sounds cartel­ish. What is sexy about a woman’s skin? I find it very sexy when they keep it clean, soft, and smelling nice. Has any­one ever ac­cused you

of be­ing too clingy? No, not re­ally. I tend to be some­one who likes my space and the girls I’ve dated un­der­stand that. What do you call the con­caved base of a wine bot­tle? I think it’s a plop. I know it’s not plop. It sounded like “plop”. I give up.

37 raof can eas­ily be swayed

with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s

Chunky MON­kEy.

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