Ahmed Mechail 27, BUSI­NESS OWNER


What’s the fun­ni­est thing your par­ents have

ever told you as a kid? Don’t chew gum at night be­cause you’re chew­ing on dead people’s skin. Creepy! What’s

your dat­ing deal-breaker? If she picks her nose in front of me, I’m gone. What’s the hard­est thing to un­der­stand about women? Women can never be un­der­stood. What’s your dream

des­ti­na­tion? Rome be­cause that’s where my par­ents met. De­scribe the

word “jac­u­la­tion”. A run­ning en­gine.

39 he’s a boxer!

down a man who how can you turn

can de­fend your hon­our?

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