Nick Ng 26, SE­NIOR AD EXEC. / DJ


What was the name of your first pet? Cream and it was a cat. The name just gelled with her per­son­al­ity. She was smooth. What do you think the cleo read­ers will think

when they see you in the mag­a­zine? “Oh okay, not all men are com­pli­cated.” What’s your groom­ing rou­tine? My groom­ing rou­tine is sim­ple. I shower reg­u­larly, shave when nec­es­sary and spray two or three spritzes of my favourite per­fume be­fore I head out. What’s a fas­ci­na­tor? A trend starter.

think on your feet around nick be­cause he likes quirky, smart girls who make ran­dom

and witty com­ments.


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