Ar­mia Alipour 25, FIT­NESS TRAINER / MODEL


Friends with ben­e­fits – yay or nay? No. Be­cause I be­lieve that sex has to be done with feel­ings. What’s your go-to

movie on a rainy day? Hor­ror movies. I’ve al­ways loved scary movies, even as a kid. I love vam­pires and ev­ery­thing para­nor­mal. Smarts, Good looks, Money, Good in bed; Which two

would you pick? Smarts and good looks. If you’re smart, you can get money. If you’re smart and good look­ing, you’ll be good in bed. What’s

your dat­ing deal-breaker? If she had ugly shoes be­cause shoes say a lot about one’s per­son­al­ity. Also if she looked at other boys, that would be a deal-breaker. What’s an am­per­sand? It’s used to bal­ance a bot­tle.

45 this hunk is a pub­lished

coun­try au­thor in his home

a and hopes to pub­lish health book that

caters to asian bod­ies.

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