Sean Sher­iff 26, DJ / EVENT OR­GA­NIZER


What’s your go-to movie on a rainy day? Gone in 60 Sec­onds.

What’s the best way to get over a break-up? By think­ing about all the bad things your ex did to you. Don’t be heart­bro­ken over some­one who treated you badly.

Name some­thing you have to do this year. I want to com­pete in a duathlon. If I sur­vive it, I’ll give triathlons a go. What kind of woman would you like to bring on your dream hol­i­day? I’d bring some­one who’s hon­est, funny, beau­ti­ful, out­go­ing, talkative, and a dare­devil.

De­scribe the word “jac­u­la­tion”. It’s the act of open­ing a bot­tle of Coke that’s been shaken up.

49 sean be­lieves that hon­esty is al­ways the

best pol­icy.

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