he speaks ger­man and wants to build three by mil­lion-dol­lar com­pa­nies the time he’s 30.


What’s your idea of a per­fect date? Din­ner and drinks and a ca­sual walk through some scenery with the evening end­ing at my apart­ment. What’s thehardest thing to un­der­stand about women? I guess it would be why they have trou­ble let­ting their guard down at times. What is the most use­less fact you know? There are 238 credit card deals in the Malaysian mar­ket. How im­por­tant is it for a man to take care of his skin? Guys should prob­a­bly have a bot­tle of face wash and mois­turiser be­side their tooth­brush and floss. It seems like it is be­com­ing more im­por­tant in gen­eral. If you could change your name, what would it be? Don Demarco; be­cause it’s a badass name. What do you call the con­caved base of a wine bot­tle? I think you call it a “thumbpivet”.

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