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This Bri­tish pop star is ex­cited about her new film role, her celebrity boyfriend, and her up­com­ing al­bum.

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The ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ star bares all on the sex­i­est movie of the year

Two years ago, Rita Ora bursts into the pop scene singing, “I wanna party and bull****.” This Jay Z pro­tégé

has made it clear from the start that she’s loud and she’s here to stay. In fact, it is such ram­bunc­tious per­son­al­ity that has made Rita what she is to­day – an un­stop­pable ris­ing star. This year, Rita will not only be launch­ing her sopho­more al­bum but she has also landed a role in one of the most an­tic­i­pated movies this year – FiftyShadesofGrey. “I had to be in­volved, I love the books. I know ev­ery­body’s go­ing to watch it, whether it’s in se­cret or con­fi­dence, but ev­ery­one’s go­ing to watch it,” says Rita. “The movie is amaz­ing, it’s such a great pas­sion­ate movie. It’s go­ing to be fun. I look re­ally dif­fer­ent and it was a good ex­pe­ri­ence” adds the 23-year-old singer and ac­tress. Here, the wild-at-heart bomb­shell talks about work­ing with cast mem­bers Jamie Dor­nan and Dakota John­son, her re­la­tion­ship with the hunky DJ Calvin Har­ris, her ten­dency to run around naked and why she doesn’t mind fash­ion mis­takes.

So what can you tell us about play­ing Chris­tian Grey’s sis­ter, Mia, in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie?

Well, we’ve just fin­ished film­ing. We’ve been shoot­ing the last few months in Canada. It’s been so much fun – lit­er­ally the best thing ever.

Will the film be as racy as the book?

Yeah, it’s sex­ual but very ro­man­tic too, I think. It’s about a girl fall­ing in love with a guy. But you need to watch the movie be­cause I can’t give too much away. I’ve been sworn to se­crecy. What I can say is that it’s def­i­nitely a good movie.

How was work­ing with Jamie Dor­nan, Dakota John­son, and the rest of the cast?

It was such a good en­ergy and so woman-dom­i­nated. The writer is an English lady as was our di­rec­tor. It re­ally felt great. There was no pres­sure, no ar­gu­ments, or any­thing like that.

Were you ner­vous?

I was ner­vous at the start and then I put a wig on and it made me feel like a dif­fer­ent per­son.

Can you at least tell us about your char­ac­ter?

Only that I play Mia who is Chris­tian Grey’s sis­ter. She’s smart, un­like me, and speaks loads of lan­guages, which I don’t (Laughs).

You’ve been show­ing quite a lot of yourself in photo shoots re­cently too. Do you get ner­vous do­ing those things?

I do get ner­vous but it’s all con­trolled. It’s all part of some­one’s artist vi­sion. For me the way it looks and the way it’s shot is what re­ally mat­ters.

You also ad­mit­ted re­cently that you like to run around naked. Care to ex­plain?

I like run­ning around naked at home with the heater on full blast. Not be­ing cold at home is just my favourite thing ( Laughs).

You’ve just bought a new house haven’t you?

I have but there’s noth­ing in it apart from a chair. I’m

The two of us to­gether is like start­ing a fire in

a for­est.

Cover Story ac­tu­ally stay­ing with my sis­ter at the mo­ment and liv­ing in her garage un­til my new house is done.

Are you more of a home­body than a party girl?

I do like go­ing out but I don’t just go out and get com­pletely wasted. I dis­ci­pline my­self be­cause I work ev­ery sin­gle day and I have amaz­ing songs to per­form. I don’t go crazy but I do go out once in a while. I’m 23!

Are you still best bud­dies with Cara Delev­ingne?

Yeah, she’s a sweet­heart. I’ve known her for so many years. The two of us to­gether is like start­ing a fire in a for­est. She’s just like me – care­free and lives ev­ery day as if it’s her last. She just en­joys life and has a great time.

What do you think makes Cara a style icon?

I think what is so cool about Cara is that she is just re­ally non-in­tim­i­dat­ing. She is very re­lat­able when it comes to young girls and older girls and you can lit­er­ally go up to her and speak to her, which is re­ally nice, it is re­ally nice to be

ap­proach­able. I think that is what she is and she is nice and friendly and you can tell she just feels it.

How would you de­scribe your own sense of style?

Ba­si­cally, my style doesn’t re­ally have any bound­aries. I like to just wake up and wear what I wear. Some­times I wear done-up shirts, with maybe a T-shirt that I have cut up and done as a bow. I usu­ally look at old-school pic­tures. Bianca Jag­ger is one of my big­gest in­flu­ences and so is Daphne Guin­ness. She is like a muse and has got a great collection of clothes.

What are your per­sonal style tips?

Be glam­orous. Think glam­our with the hair and with the lips, but then be­ing sporty and boy­ish is al­ways a bit sexy for me. Like a nice baggy boyfriend fit jean with a nice boot, like a re­ally cool wedge boot or some­thing. I don’t re­ally fol­low trends, I don’t look at things like that, I just pick out what I like re­ally.

Have you ever had any fash­ion dis­as­ters?

Oh yeah, I’ve had loads. The thing about fash­ion dis­as­ters is like, I do it my­self and so I can only blame my­self. But yeah, I re­mem­ber I wore this Ly­cra piece once at a fes­ti­val last year and I nearly fainted be­cause it was Ly­cra and it was 100 de­grees, and it was tas­sel-y all over and I didn’t re­alise that you could see the sweat through the Ly­cra. I just looked like a patchy Ly­cra ball of not-good­ness.

Your new sin­gle “Never Let You Down” is pro­duced by your boyfriend Calvin Har­ris. When did you know that you were more than just friends and fel­low artists?

That’s a good ques­tion. Ob­vi­ously I’m not go­ing to re­veal the ex­act mo­ment but I can say that it hap­pened at the same time for us both. It was a mu­tual feel­ing.

Were you ner­vous about work­ing to­gether?

We never asked each other be­cause we were both like, “No, we can’t do it. It’s cheesy” But it ac­tu­ally turned out re­ally great. It all came about so quickly so we thought rather than try and avoid it, let’s just do it. So we did and in the end I felt more shy than weird. But I’m so proud of the song. I love what it’s about. I love what it stands for and I love it’s a love song you can dance to. It feels good to me.

You’ve been very open about your re­la­tion­ship with Calvin. Why is that?

I just thought I would be hon­est – my al­bum is hon­est so there is no point of me pre­tend­ing any­more.

You’re now work­ing with Jay Z on your al­bum. How is that?

Amaz­ing. He’s very in­volved even though he’s a dad now and on tour and Bey­oncé is on tour. It’s a lot of phone con­ver­sa­tions but he al­ways knows what’s go­ing on with me and the team at Roc Na­tion.

How will this al­bum dif­fer from the last?

This al­bum has so much more hon­esty in it. Ev­ery­thing I have been through and now what I’m liv­ing through has def­i­nitely changed my whole view on how to make mu­sic. It’s made it less stress­ful and more real. I love the place I’m in at the mo­ment and I hope people get to feel that when they hear the al­bum.

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