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Test your per­son­al­ity and get ahead

Fig­ure out your per­son­al­ity type so it can help you get ahead at work and in your re­la­tion­ships. By Alix Ni­chol­son

In­tro­ver­sion-ex­tro­ver­sion is just one part of what makes us who we are. Stereo­typ­i­cally, people think extroverts are “out there” and in­tro­verts are quiet, but there’s more to it. Extroverts are en­er­gised by be­ing around other people, whereas in­tro­verts get charged up when they’re alone. But as Dr Niko Til­iopou­los, per­so­n­ol­o­gist at The Univer­sity of Syd­ney’s School of Psy­chol­ogy, ex­plains, “Al­most ev­ery­body is a bit of both, with one usu­ally be­ing dom­i­nant. It is un­likely for some­one to be 100 per cent of ei­ther.” So where do you fit?


1 It’s Fri­day night – woo! You…

A. Meet up with your bestie for some cheeky drinks and a bite to eat at your favourite restau­rant.

B. Are the first to hit the bar, the last one stand­ing, and the life of the party all night long. You crazy party an­i­mal, you! C. Change your Face­book sta­tus to, “Any­one up for an af­ter-work drink?” It doesn’t have to be a big night, but you’re keen to see ev­ery­one.

D. Head home for a hot date with your cosy couch, some yummy take­away, and yy­our fave TV shows.


In work meet­ings, you tend to…

A. Share your ideas with­out prompt­ing. You don’t mind if all eyes are on you and you like to in­ter­act with the group.

B. Lis­ten, re­flect, and save your ideas to take to the boss one-on-one af­ter the meet­ing.

C. Dis­cuss your opin­ions and sug­ges­tions when you’re di­rectly asked for them, but don’t usu­ally of­fer them up other­wise. D. Talk… and talk… and talk… you do your best think­ing when you work things through with oth­ers.

3 One of your friends asks you to go with hher to a med­i­ta­tion clclass. You…

AA. Can’t think of a more Dullsvil­lell ll way to spend an hour. Thanks but no thanks!

B. Say yes – you love a lit­tle Zen time, plus the chance to hang out with your bud.

C. De­cide to give it a miss. You won’t re­ally know any­one there ex­cept your friend, and you can see her any­time.

D. Go, but get bored and sneak out half­way through – you’ll meet your mate at the cafe next door when she’s done.

4 You’re shop­ping and see a $500 wal­let that you ‘need’ in your life, but you re­ally can’t af­ford it. You…

A. Re­ally. Can’t. Af­ford. It. If you’re still think­ing about it later, you’ll save or layby it, but a spur-of-the-mo­ment spend ain’t your style.

B. De­bate for a minute be­fore you buy it, but put yourself on a strict budget for the rest of the day. No more im­pulse buys un­til pay­day!

C. Throw down the credit card the sec­ond you lay eyes on the wal­let (aka your new ‘baby’). You mightht be eat­ing two-minute noo­dles for the next month but that’s s a prob­lem for fu­ture you. She’ll sort it out!

D. Put it on hold and think nk about it while you keep shop­ping. You can al­ways s race back for it at the end of the day if you still want it that badly.

5 It’s karaoke night with the girls! You…

A. Hog the mic all night. You were born to be the cen­tre of at­ten­tion!

B. Laugh and cheer with your mates but steer clear of the mic. You pre­fer to sit back, re­lax and watch the crazi­ness un­fold.

C. Join in the singing on all the group num­bers. Any­one for a Spice Girls throw­back?

D. Take a solo here and there and in­sist on do­ing a duet of “A Whole New World” – you don’t care who plays Aladdin as long as you get your Jas­mine mo­ment!

6 Your ideal way to recharge your bat­ter­ies is…

A. A cof­fee date with your best friend. B. A big Sun­day BBQ with ev­ery­one you know. C. Chill­ing at home with a book, the TV, or some mu­sic.

D. Brunch with as many of your girls as you can muster.

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