My Chemical Ro­mance


This is how we fall in love. By Gyan Yankovich, who be­gins a new ro­mance al­most ev­ery day. Fall­ing in love is one of my favourite things to do. There’s al­ways some­thing keep­ing me awake at night be­cause it’s just so damn won­der­ful. I can fall for some­one be­cause my horo­scope said I would that day, or be­cause I’ve met some­one who also thinks co­rian­der should be added to most recipes. I spend my nine-to-five days fall­ing for ev­ery beauty prod­uct to hit stores. These out­bursts may seem ran­dom, but they rarely are. Or so I’ve re­alised since dis­cov­er­ing that colours, sounds, and scents all af­fect our emo­tions.

Roses Are Red When it comes to the links be­tween colour and the things our heart is fond of, it’s all to do with emo­tions and our in­ter­nal en­ergy sys­tem, ac­cord­ing to colour ther­a­pist Pas­cale Osanz (spi­

Not that the sleazy guy who tried to pick up my sis­ter a few weeks ago would have re­alised this but judg­ing by the less-than-im­pres­sive stan­dard of chit-chat fol­low­ing his slurred open­ing line of, “So what’s your favourite colour?” I highly doubt he was ask­ing be­cause he knew our love for cer­tain shades is con­nected to our sub­con­scious. Now that would’ve been im­pres­sive.

The hues we’re drawn to at any given mo­ment – like those we choose to ap­ply to our faces or pull from our wardrobe – give away a lot about how we’re feel­ing. The colour or­ange, for ex­am­ple, is said to be linked to deep joy and sex­u­al­ity, while pur­ple is re­lated to our thought pat­terns and spir­i­tu­al­ity. If some­one’s feel­ing low, they’re drawn to this shade for that rea­son. Sud­denly it makes per­fect sense why that plum lip stain is our fave one day and our not-so-fave the next.

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