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Q I’ve had a dan­druff prob­lem for years. Where does dan­druff come from?

A Dan­druff is a form of skin eczema that you nor­mally find on ar­eas of your body ththat have high oil pro­duc­tion, usu­ally your scalp. To fight dan­druff, you need to fight the skin in­flam­ma­tion which can be caused by any­thing from dry or ir­ri­tated skin, not sham­poo­ing fre­quently enough, sen­si­tiv­ity to hair care prod­ucts, and even a poor diet. Se­vere cases of dan­druff can be treated with med­i­cated sham­poo pre­scribed to you by your doc­tor but mild cases can be treated with over-the­counter sham­poos. Also, make sure to get lots of Vi­ta­min D (sun­light is a great source!).

Q My dark cir­cles are worse as of late - what can I do to man­age them?

A Dark cir­cles can be caused by lack of sleep, age and even ge­net­ics. While there’s not much you can do about the lat­ter, the sim­plest way to re­live yourself of dark cir­cles is to get more sleep. Eat­ing foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as sal­mon and dark choco­late, which con­tains flavonoids, can help im­prove blood circulation to the skin. Im­proved flow will pre­vent blood from pool­ing be­neath the eyes. You can also ap­ply cold com­presses tto your eyes in the morn­ing wwhich will help con­strict bblood ves­sels.

Q Are there any ex­ter­nal causes for my sud­den eczema flare-up?

A Eczema is a very broad term, and in or­der to be treated ef­fec­tively, it needs to be cat­e­go­rized specif­i­cally into a type of der­mati­tis. A num­ber of fac­tors can cause your skin to flare up, in­clud­ing re­s­pi­ra­tory al­ler­gies or com­ing from a fam­ily with a his­tory of skin prob­lems. Be­ing born with drier skin causes you to itch more of­ten, ag­gra­vat­ing the eczema and mak­ing it worse. Emo­tional stress is also a big fac­tor when it comes to skin prob­lems. Make sure to get enough sleep and learn to man­age stress bet­ter.

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