Fix Those Stuff-Ups!

It’s okay, you don’t need to move to Siberia. Here’s how to fix them – fast!

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Stuff-Up: You say some­thing bitchy about some­one… and they’re stand­ing be­hind you

Fix It: Ba­si­cally, what you’ve done sucks and you’ve got to own your mis­take and apol­o­gise, says Kylie Dun­jey, se­nior man­ager and coun­sel­lor at Re­la­tion­ships Aus­tralia. “Say, ‘I’m sorry, that was re­ally out of line.’ This is not the time to jus­tify your be­hav­iour – an apol­ogy is di­luted by any­thing you of­fer in your own de­fence,” she ad­vises. This is a breach of trust and Dun­jey says you have no rights when it comes to de­mand­ing for­give­ness. You’ve just got to wait it out and em­pathise – how would you feel if you heard some­one bitch­ing about you? This will help you be more pa­tient with their process. And above all, learn from your mis­take.

Stuff-Up: You’re the des­ig­nated baker for your bestie’s birth­day cake... and the top’s burnt but the mid­dle’s still soggy

Fix It: Don’t freak out – it can be res­cued! In their book How to Re­pair

Food, au­thors Ma­rina and John Bear, and Tanya Zeryck sug­gest mak­ing up a food “band-aid” for your cre­ation. “Cut away the browned parts and cover the wounds with a first-aid dress­ing made from a beaten egg mixed with one tea­spoon of brown su­gar. Brush it on and con­tinue bak­ing (lower the oven tem­per­a­ture by 25 de­grees cel­sius).” If your cake’s cooked but is burnt, cut off the burnt bits and cover with ic­ing. Too small now that it’s had the chop? Slice into lay­ers and sand­wich back to­gether with yummy fill­ing (think but­ter cream frost­ing) to bulk it up.

Stuff-Up: You’re out for drinks with the girls... and you spill red wine all over your new white dress

Fix It: For your best chance of sav­ing your beloved new out­fit, you’ve got to get onto that stain straight away. Luck­ily, your saviour is right be­hind the bar – white wine. Pour the wine gen­tly over the stain and care­fully blot from the edges in­wards. “Don’t scrub at the stain – it will only make it worse,” says Caro­line Roessler, au­thor of The Mod­ern House­hold Man­ual. “Just blot it gen­tly with what­ever’s handy, like bath­room paper towel.” But for­get hot wa­ter to blitz the blotch. “That can set the stain even more,” says Roessler.

Stuff-Up: You stand up from your desk to grab your Mon­day morn­ing cof­fee… and hear your skirt ri­i­i­i­i­i­i­iip

Fix It: The key is prepa­ra­tion, says CLEO Aus­tralia’s ju­nior fash­ion edi­tor Re­becca Rac. “I al­ways carry a mini sewing kit with me for mi­nor fash­ion emer­gen­cies. Grab one from the su­per­mar­ket and keep it in your hand­bag or desk drawer.” “Safety pins are ob­vi­ously your friend in this sitch, but wide pack­ing tape will do if you’re se­ri­ously out of op­tions,” she adds. “Go to the bath­room, turn your skirt in­side out, and tape the split to­gether on the in­side, lin­ing up the seams if it’s the stitch­ing that’s split.” Then go and buy yourself a new one, stat!

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