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Of­fice ro­mances may not be a good idea.

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Your eyes fol­low him around the of­fice. You catch his eye over the cof­fee ma­chine. You make small talk at the prin­ter… But where is it all go­ing? More im­por­tantly, can it ever go any­where with a col­league?

The Short Term

If you’re look­ing for a fling, stay far away from your col­leagues. Yes, you may think the guy from Mar­ket­ing is hot stuff, but he may not be so easy on the eye af­ter you hear him spin­ning sto­ries about your last date. You don’t want to de­velop a rep­u­ta­tion for be­ing a se­rial dater.

The Long Term

But what hap­pens if you gen­uinely de­velop feel­ings for a col­league and be­lieve things could get se­ri­ous? If the feel­ings are mu­tual, then dat­ing is the nat­u­ral pro­gres­sion, as long as things are kept dis­creet (of­fice PDAs are a def­i­nite no-no). Make sure he’s on the same page, so you don’t find your­self be­ing gos­sip fod­der over lunch. How­ever, if you’re not cer­tain your feel­ings are re­quited, don’t rush to pro­claim your undy­ing love. Friendly lunches and din­ners are a good way to test the wa­ters. If you find he’s not tak­ing the ini­tia­tive to sug­gest them, it’s prob­a­bly a sign he’s not keen. But if he’s your boss (even if he looks like Chris Hemsworth), don’t go there. Get­ting cozy with a su­pe­rior can send the wrong sig­nals to your col­leagues, plus if it goes sour he could make things dif­fi­cult for you.

The Af­ter­math

When things go pear-shaped, re­gard­less of whether it was a short­lived ro­mance or some­thing more, it’s good to ex­er­cise some dam­age con­trol. The first rule is to never dish the dirt, even if he was in the wrong. It’s not great if your boss thinks you can’t hold your tongue and love to drag your per­sonal life into the work­place. The sec­ond: if you have to work closely to­gether, be the big­ger person and don’t try to get out of it or give him the evil eye. It’s eas­ier said than done, but that’s what your friends out­side of work are for: post­work drinks where you can have heart-to-heart talks.

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