Lust For Life

No­body likes a nosy Nancy.

CLEO (Malaysia) - - NEWS -

“I would love to see my boyfriend’s old text mes­sages to girls he has dated in the past, and see what they spoke about. I wouldn’t use it against him at all but I am just a sticky beak like that and would love to know.” ERIN, 28

“I’ve been see­ing this guy for just over a month. I’d check his emails and see if he’s said any­thing about me to his friends.” SAM, 27

“Maybe the pho­tos on her phone. This is more to see the ex­plicit ones of her rather than any­one else!” JA­SON, 27

“I’d to­tally have a peek at how much every­one earns at my com­pany! I think it’s in­ter­est­ing to know where you stand. It would push me to work harder to get a pro­mo­tion and raise.” LAURA, 30

“I’d go through her un­der­wear drawer. I re­ally want to know if she’s got any­thing there!” kinky in JAMES, 26

“Hon­estly, I’ll al­ways try and ig­nore the urge to peek be­cause I’ll just turn my­self into a jeal­ous, para­noid mess. But that doesn’t stop me won­der­ing who he’s Snapchat­ting.” PENNY, 23

“I’d check out all his apps on his phone. Does he have Candy Crush, dat­ing apps, brain games? I think you can re­ally tell what type of person they are from what kind of apps they have!” ALYSSA, 21

“I’d peek at my boss’ in­ter­net his­tory to see what re­ally goes on. As long as he mine!” doesn’t see TIM, 26

“Check­ing her Face­book mes­sage his­tory is very tempt­ing. I wouldn’t though, be­cause it twists my stom­ach read­ing about exes and mes­sages from guys. Never do it!” GENE, 31

“Noth­ing. I’d hope hon­esty played its part. Snoop­ing equals dis­as­ter.” DAN, 29

Play­ing peek-a-boo can re­sult in dis­as­trous con­se­quences.

“I’d check her credit card state­ment to see how much she re­ally spent on those shoes. They can’t all sale!” be on AN­THONY, 21

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