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I was de­cid­ing where to go on a date when a mate told me choos­ing the place should be based on the girl’s per­son­al­ity. If she’s re­ally thought­ful and car­ing, take her to the lo­cal res­tau­rant that no-one goes to. If she’s a party girl, take her for beers then go meet up with her friends. If you just want to sleep with her, take her to your favourite res­tau­rant with the best man-food so din­ner

isn’t so painful.


The premise of this ad­vice seems gen­uine be­cause the guy is re­ally try­ing to fig­ure out where to take his date, but Dr McMillan says his mate slips into a creepy pat­tern of bas­ing res­tau­rant choice on whether or not he just wants to sleep with some­one. “Men like him are why I ad­vise women to do some­thing in the day­time for their first date and don’t drink al­co­hol.” If you find your­self at a dude food res­tau­rant with zero at­mos­phere, ditch him ASAP.

“I tell my mates to al­ways get the bill at a cool (not overly ex­pen­sive) res­tau­rant then book her an Uber ride home. Tell her you’ve gotta take your lit­tle sis­ter to brekkie or your gran for a walk – don’t try to have sex on the first night if you want to start some­thing.”


Here’s some straight-up ad­vice that doesn’t lend it­self to games or ploys, but to a fun evening with a nice guy. And who doesn’t love the idea of a guy book­ing you an Uber ride home? So. Damn. Thought­ful. Dr McMillan agrees. “Tom is a real win­ner! He not only ad­vises his mates to put in some ef­fort, he’s no­ticed that you’re more likely to build some­thing good if you don’t have sex on the first night.” She says this isn’t about be­ing old-fash­ioned, but that peo­ple tend to stay to­gether longer if they get to know each other be­fore hav­ing sex.

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