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Dr Alvin Ng Dr Alvin is an as­so­ciate pro­fes­sor of clin­i­cal psy­chol­ogy at Sun­way Univer­sity and the found­ing pres­i­dent of the Malaysian So­ci­ety of Clin­i­cal Psy­chol­ogy.

Shades Of De­pres­sion Be­ing de­pressed is a com­plex con­di­tion and ex­ists in more than one form.

Ma­jor De­pres­sive Dis­or­der (MDD)

This main form of de­pres­sion ranges from mod­er­ate to se­vere and can last about two weeks con­sec­u­tively or in­ter­mit­tently about six months.


Dys­th­mia is more pro­longed but less se­vere than MDD whereby some­one shows de­pres­sive symp­toms at lower sever­ity for two years or more. Some­one who suf­fers from this and MDD is con­sid­ered to have dou­ble de­pres­sion.

Manic De­pres­sion/ Bipo­lar Dis­or­der

This de­pres­sion is where a person has bouts of ma­nia with in­flated sense of self, feel­ing on top of the world, and then fi­nally crash­ing down to de­pres­sion. A pro­longed ver­sion of this is called cy­clothymia.

Pre­men­strual Dys­pho­ric Dis­or­der

A rel­a­tively new cat­e­gory, the pre­men­strual dys­pho­ric dis­or­der is where de­pres­sive symp­toms ap­pear as part of pre-men­strual cy­cles.

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