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Whether you’re fresh out of school or still grap­pling with in­ter­view eti­quette, fol­low these tips to sail through your next in­ter­view and land that job you’ve been cov­et­ing. Score!

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Weak­ness > Strength

In­stead of try­ing to es­cape this ques­tion, turn it around by sell­ing your weak­nesses as strengths. If you’re the type who spends time mak­ing sure ev­ery last de­tail is per­fect, don’t be afraid to own it. Find a way to make le­mon­ade from your lemons.

Never Be Late. Or Too Early

There isn’t a more dis­ap­point­ing, neg­a­tive per­son­al­ity marker than show­ing up late to an in­ter­view. It spells non­cha­lance and ir­re­spon­si­bil­ity. Make it a point to get there at least 10 min­utes early, but don’t be an ea­ger beaver and turn up an hour be­fore. When peo­ple smell your desperation, they will ques­tion your mo­ti­va­tions.

The Devil Is Al­ways In The De­tails

Al­ways re­mem­ber your in­ter­view­ers’ names, switch your phone to silent, keep steady yet friendly eye con­tact and ask if they have a name­card so you can fol­low up with them af­ter. Even the small­est de­tails won’t es­cape your in­ter­view­ers – they shouldn’t es­cape you, ei­ther.

Ex­pect The Un­ex­pected

In­ter­view­ers have been known to throw a curve­ball on pur­pose. By catch­ing you off-guard, they’re able to gauge how quickly you think on your feet. This is the best time to show­case your per­son­al­ity and demon­strate how quick-wit­ted you can be. Just keep calm and think be­fore you an­swer. Don’t be afraid to ask them to re­peat the ques­tion so you have time to process it. What­ever it is, don’t ram­ble on and on.

Ask And It Will Be Given

If it’s a job you’d give a limb to snag, then make sure you do your re­search and come up with a list of ques­tions to ask dur­ing the in­ter­view. Em­ploy­ers don’t ex­pect you to know ev­ery­thing (that’s their job) – but they do ex­pect you to want to know ev­ery­thing.

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