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If you’d rather read the min­utes of an ant farm col­lec­tors’ meet­ing has got the class for you. than do another squat, Rikki Hodge

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Yeah, we know, fit­ness is a thing. We’re also aware that watch­ing Break­ing Bad (again) isn’t go­ing to get us there, but it of­ten trumps the tread­mill on the fun scale. But never fear ’cos a bunch of new ex­er­cises, coined “fiter­tain­ment” will rack up your sweat quota, mi­nus the bore­dom fac­tor!

Hip-Hop Yoga

Vinyasa flow is re­spon­si­ble for tak­ing yoga out of the “Yeah, sure, you’re ex­er­cis­ing…” cat­e­gory, but this hip-hop ver­sion re­ally steps it up a notch. Yep, say namaste while lis­ten­ing to funk, elec­tronic, and reg­gae tunes. This class keeps the in­tegrity of Vinyasa, but good luck if you think you can do a down­ward dog with­out twerk­ing. While wait­ing for this to hit your town, no harm try­ing a few war­rior poses with Iggy Aza­lea’s beats to pump you up.

Silent Dis­cos

Pop­ping up all over, this event sup­plies wire­less head­phones that al­low you to pick your own mu­sic and dance like no-one is lis­ten­ing. And if you re­ally cut loose, you’ll burn the kilo­joules and no-one can tell you you’re out of rhythm – you could be shak­ing it to a dub­step mash-up for all they know! If you can’t wait for one to hit your area, throw on your head­phones at home and aer­o­bic-dance like no one’s watch­ing.

Night Runs

Hit­ting the pave­ment once the sun sets is al­ways bet­ter but it has a down­side: po­ten­tial creepy strangers lin­ger­ing around cor­ners. Eek! That’s where the Neon Run comes in. Join fel­low run­ners on a des­ig­nated route while wear­ing glow-in-the-dark gear and those glow sticks that never seem to lose their mys­tique. DJs, dancers, strobes, and lasers pump you up all the way – kinda like you’re in a Daft Punk video! Check out Neon Run (neon­ for their next event.

Zumba Step

What do you do when a fit­ness phe­nom­e­non looks to be reach­ing its peak? Jump on the fit-mix train – and this car­riage is fu-un! Bring­ing back the butt-tight­en­ing, old-school step classes, this awe­some work­out cuts out a lot of the “But I’m unco!” anx­i­ety by bring­ing you back to the ba­sics (step up, step down). Set to the sig­na­ture sounds of a tra­di­tional Zumba class, Zumba Step­pers can climb the equiv­a­lent of 4km in just one ses­sion! Have a go and reap the amaz­ing body-ton­ing ben­e­fits – there are classes at Vir­gin Ac­tive Health Clubs na­tion­wide (vir­gin­ac­

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