Life On A Path

Many of us aspire for a life filled with com­fort and sta­bil­ity, but yoga teacher Shosita Chia left be­hind her cushy job in a bank and fol­lowed her pas­sion to study yoga in In­dia.

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Yoga Was A Huge Chal­lenge

“When I first got into yoga 13 years ago, it wasn’t pop­u­lar yet. Plus, no one re­ally dreamt of be­com­ing a yoga teacher then be­cause be­ing yoga teacher was a re­ally huge thing at that time. Funny thing was, I was re­ally bad at yoga when I first started out. The first time I did it, I thought, “Why is this so dif­fi­cult? I don’t want to do this any­more.” But the thoughts moved to “How far can I push my lim­its this ses­sion?” I kept prac­tic­ing, be­cause I wanted to chal­lenge my­self and over­come this dif­fi­culty.”

Self-Im­prove­ment Over Ca­reer

“I quit my job just so I could go to In­dia to prac­tice yoga. I spent six months think­ing about go­ing to In­dia to fur­ther my prac­tice, and when I fi­nally de­cided to ap­ply for work leave so I could head to In­dia, the com­pany couldn’t give me the six weeks I asked for. So I quit on the spot. I was young, and I thought I could come back to ap­ply for another job when I came back. But when I came back af­ter six weeks, I knew I wouldn’t be able to get back to a nor­mal nine-tofive job any­more.”

Yoga Changed My Life

“I used to drink heav­ily, even while prac­tic­ing yoga. But I found that the more I drank, the more my body couldn’t take it. I was too hun­gover and weak to prac­tice in the morn­ing and my mus­cles were too tight to pull off the moves. I even got hos­pi­talised twice be­cause I passed out from drink­ing. The sec­ond time round, the doc­tor told me if I came any later, I might have died. That was when I de­cided to take yoga a lot more se­ri­ously, and con­sider teach­ing it. It has been eight years since I touched a drop of al­co­hol and I wanted to share how yoga could change lives. I thought if I could make a dras­tic change from be­ing a party an­i­mal to be­ing a dis­ci­plined, healthy person with just yoga, any­one can too.”

Hap­pi­ness Is Key

“As a kid, I wanted to be a lawyer. By the time I hit my 20s, I didn’t care what I would be do­ing any­more. I just wanted to be happy do­ing things I like. And noth­ing gives me the same sat­is­fac­tion and pas­sion like yoga does. It chal­lenges me, yet puts me at peace with my­self.”

aShosita Chia, 37, quit her job 10 years ago to aem­bark on a life ded­i­cated to yoga.

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