Leo God­dess

JUL 23 — AUG 22

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Star Qual­ity

While you’re kind, strong, hi­lar­i­ous, and smart noth­ing makes you hap­pier than stand­ing out in the crowd. With a zest for life, dra­matic flair, and huge heart you’re usu­ally sur­rounded by ad­mir­ers. You’ll go out of your way to pamper and sup­port your friends - be­ing fiercely loyal you’ll stick by your friends and fam­ily, no mat­ter what.

Flip Side

You can be haughty, ar­ro­gant, and a bit of a know all. Hav­ing a huge and frag­ile ego, you think your way is the best way and are not very good at be­ing told you’re wrong. Be­ing opin­ion­ated and con­trol­ling, you can of­ten back your­self into a cor­ner that you’d rather lash your way out of with your claws than use charm! You may be giv­ing but shar­ing ain’t your thing – you eas­ily be­come jeal­ous and posses­sive.

Your Look

You love to look pow­er­ful and lux­u­ri­ous in ex­pen­sive and ex­clu­sive-look­ing clothes and ac­ces­sories. You have good taste but tend to go over the top on the drama and glitz. Your con­fi­dence means you can carry off dra­matic and ex­treme fashion trends. Ac­ces­sories are a must and your mane of hair is usu­ally your best one!

This Month

Your grow­ing con­fi­dence will make you hap­pier in your own skin and help most things come to­gether. At home or with fam­ily you’ll in­tu­itively know the right things to do and say so give wise coun­sel. In love, hav­ing the emo­tional strength to show your true feel­ings will be re­paid. If sin­gle, don’t play games or leave guys in any doubt as to how you feel. Also, you won’t have to travel far to meet guys – stick to what you love and they’ll find you.

On va­ca­tion, you want to party all night and play all day.

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