CLEO (Malaysia) - - ZODIAC BUZZ 2015 -

In the last cou­ple years, you were more in­ter­ested in f leet­ing f lings, but this year, you want to play for keeps. You’ll want to shed all the drama in your life be­cause you’re ready to move on and find a per­son who you can start fresh with. Work life will be­come eas­ier and en­joy­able in the sec­ond half of 2015. Around mid-year, ex­pect some kind of fi­nan­cial gift to fall into your lap. You will spend less time with fam­ily this year, but you need this free time to get all of your af­fairs in or­der. Your health will be sta­ble through­out 2015.


bal­ance that Gemini sorely needs, while Gemini in­spires Libra with her du­al­ity and wide range of in­ter­ests.


Pas­sion burns hot in this cou­pling, but both signs also have an in­her­ent de­sire to learn, adding a great men­tal com­pat­i­bil­ity to the mix. This is one of the bet­ter over­all pair­ings in the en­tire zo­diac.


Gemini is rep­re­sented by the twins – it is lit­tle won­der that two Gem­i­nis to­gether get on so well. This is a re­la­tion­ship where nei­ther party will be bored or tire of one an­other, with a shared de­sire of free­dom to pur­sue their goals. They can stay up all night talk­ing about any­thing and ev­ery­thing.

Meet Your Match! Both signs ap­pre­ci­ate the finer, more aes­thetic as­pects of life, mak­ing this a great cou­pling for in­creased artis­tic pur­suits. Libra brings the

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