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If you ap­ply foun­da­tion be­fore your con­cealer, you’ll find that you re­quire way less cov­er­age. For quick and easy ap­pli­ca­tion, grab a liq­uid foun­da­tion and dot your fore­head, cheeks and chin, to make sure you cover all the im­por­tant ar­eas. Blend out­wards with your fin­gers – the heat from your body will help melt the for­mula into your skin. For a very spe­cial oc­ca­sion, you can use a foun­da­tion brush for a fin­ish that looks more done. EX­PERT TIP! Go through a com­plete skin­care rou­tine be­fore make-up ap­pli­ca­tion – cos­met­ics glide smoother on mois­turised skin.


Ap­ply con­cealer only where you ab­so­lutely need it – dark cir­cles, red­ness and any pesky spots. Creamy stick for­mu­las blend bet­ter on dry skin, whereas liq­uid con­cealer is great for nor­mal to com­bi­na­tion skin. Try Clé de Peau Beauté Con­cealer in stick form, or Ur­ban De­cay Naked Con­cealer for a liq­uid tex­ture. Blend with your ring fin­ger to ex­ert just the right amount of pres­sure on your del­i­cate eye area. EX­PERT TIP! Use pink or peach-toned con­ceal­ers for blue-ish un­der-eye cir­cles, and a green con­cealer to can­cel out any red­ness or an­gry zits.


The goal is to ac­cen­tu­ate the fea­tures that you have, not cre­ate ones that you don’t. Cream for­mu­las are best for sub­tle con­tours, so suck in your cheeks to make a fish-pout, and draw sin­gle-stripes along the hol­low parts un­der­neath your cheek­bones to­wards your ear tips. Take a damp make-up sponge and blend, blend, blend! If you want, use a tiny bit of foun­da­tion to blend out the colour even more. You can also con­tour your nose to make it look slim­mer or nar­rower. Try Tarte’s The Sculp­tor Con­tour­ing Face Slen­der­izer. EX­PERT TIP! If you don’t want the con­tour to look so ob­vi­ous, re­sist the temp­ta­tion to use it on your jaw­line. It’s al­ways vis­i­ble in nat­u­ral light.


You want a high­light so bright it’ll blind him. Okay, not re­ally. If you’ve seen Bret­man Rock’s Snapchats you’ll un­der­stand how much of a glow we’re talk­ing about. Aim to carve out the ar­eas where the sun­light nat­u­rally hits your face. Try Burberry’s Fresh Glow Lu­mi­nous Fluid Base. Dip your foun­da­tion brush into the for­mula and run it down the cen­tre of your nose, round­ing off at the tip. Get your cheek­bones, too, and dot a tiny bit on your Cupid’s bow for a fuller-look­ing pout. EX­PERT TIP! Press liq­uid high­lighter onto the right side of your fore­head. Be­cause when you look straight at a face, you’ll see that the light hits the left side. Only high­light­ing the right side will help you pick up the ra­di­ance.


For a ra­di­ant glow, opt for cream blush, which hap­pens to last longer, too. The age-old trick has al­ways been to smile when ap­ply­ing your blush, but that just makes the prod­uct move down­wards when you’ve stopped smil­ing. Blend the colour up to­wards your tem­ples (never down­wards) with your fin­gers. Bright berry hues are su­per cute, but if you’re colour shy, grad­u­ally layer to build the in­ten­sity slowly. We love Lancôme My Parisian Blush or Ben­e­fit’s Benetint. EX­PERT TIP! For an even longer last­ing re­sult, set your cream blush with a pow­der blush.


Start by moisturising your lips, and scrub­bing any dead skin off with an old tooth­brush. Then, ap­ply a layer of foun­da­tion over your lips so that the colour pay off will come out bet­ter. Line your lips with a liner that is one or two shades darker than your nat­u­ral shade, and draw slightly out­side the bor­der of the lip. To fill in, try a lighter lip­stick to make them look big­ger. Dark lip­sticks tend to make your lips look smaller. Don’t shy away from glosses or shim­mer, ei­ther – ap­ply a dot in the cen­tre of your lips for a pouty ef­fect. Tight for time? Try Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting Lip Pen. EX­PERT TIP! Con­tour your lips with a liner a shade or two darker to em­pha­sise the nat­u­ral shadow of your lips.


Brush up your brows so you can see ex­actly which parts need fill­ing in, and also so you don’t go over­board. With a light hand and short, feath­ery strokes, start fill­ing in with an eye­brow pen­cil that matches your brow colour – don’t go for brown when you should be us­ing black. Now grab an an­gled brush and a sim­i­lar coloured pow­der and brush through it gen­tly. Use a foun­da­tion or loose pow­der to press around the edges of your brows so they look sharp (or ‘on fleek’, if you in­sist). EX­PERT TIP! Frida Kahlo was the ex­cep­tion, not the rule. Strong brows need sep­a­ra­tion so they don’t over­whelm your face. Comb your brows up­wards with a spoolie brush, then trim the long­est hairs, and al­ways, al­ways, tweeze your uni­brow.


A quick spritz of set­ting spray (ei­ther Ur­ban De­cay All Nighter Long Last­ing Makeup Set­ting Spray or M.A.C Prep + Prime Fix +) and you can be sure that ev­ery­thing’s go­ing to stay in place all day.

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