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A guide to fin­ger-play by Car­lyle Jansen, au­thor of Sex Your­self: The Woman’s Guide To Mas­ter­ing Mas­tur­ba­tion And Achiev­ing Pow­er­ful Or­gasms car­lyle­jansen.com).


BA­SIC: Gen­tly tap your vulva with a fin­ger. Ob­serve with dif­fer­ent speeds. PRO: Fold a string of plas­tic beads against the cli­toris and tap very gen­tly. See how your body re­acts to the tex­ture of the beads.


BA­SIC: Let each hand rest against a thigh, with your thumbs above the pu­bic mound. Move your hands to­gether and al­low the outer and in­ner labia to get ‘squished’ be­tween your hands. Move them up and down slightly, mas­sag­ing the tis­sue. PRO: For more in­ten­sity, you can al­ter­na­tively re­place one hand with a vi­bra­tor, ideally one with dif­fer­ent speed pat­terns.


BA­SIC: With a well-lubed fin­ger, trace a fig­ure of eight around your cli­toris, across the in­ner labia and around the vagi­nal open­ing. PRO: Mix up the speed – slower or faster, larger or smaller. Try us­ing a vi­bra­tor to trace the pat­tern.


BA­SIC: Point a well-lubed in­dex fin­ger down­wards, and run it back and forth over your cli­toris like a wind­screen wiper for at least one minute. PRO: Change your fin­ger po­si­tion so that it’s point­ing side­ways, or you can re­place your fin­ger with the show­er­head.

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