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How To Make Me Come, a Tum­blr of or­gasm con­fes­sions, has gone vi­ral. “We wanted to start a

di­a­logue about how women achieve sex­ual plea­sure; some­thing of­ten ig­nored, or de­val­ued,” says founder Sylvia. Make like th­ese women and get

shar­ing at howtomakemecome.tum­

“I spent the first 25 years of my life as a les­bian, know­ing I was al­ways se­cretly bi­sex­ual. Then I tried it with a man. It seemed OK. But with a lot of trial and too much er­ror, I de­cided men had no

idea. Let’s face it, I’ve worked with real ex­perts. Giv­ing the di­rec­tion ‘fin­gers in­side me with cli­toral stim­u­la­tion’ seemed to cause as much con­fu­sion as telling him to look be­hind some­thing to find the milk. I half-ex­pected him to stand at the foot of the bed, and gaze at me in end­less con­fu­sion at this for­eign con­cept.”

“I didn’t learn how to or­gasm un­til a guy went down on me in col­lege. He dis­cov­ered my cli­toris for me. I wish my sex ed teacher had said, ‘Hey, there’s a but­ton above your vagina that puts it into

turbo mode,’ but no one told me.” “I love mas­tur­bat­ing. I know just what I like, and I al­ways, al­ways come. I’ve never had an or­gasm dur­ing sex. Not even dur­ing oral sex, to which friends have ex­claimed, ‘Se­ri­ously?’ I un­der­stand how I come, and it has to be by my own hand.” “I equated hav­ing an or­gasm with just get­ting re­ally, re­ally close to it. I didn’t un­der­stand the burst of eu­pho­ria ev­ery­one was talk­ing about. When I was crabby and peo­ple told me I needed to get laid, my re­sponse was, ‘I get laid all the time and I’m still in a bad mood.’ But on a tremen­dous, rare night where surely pigs flew, Hal­ley’s comet shot by, and vol­ca­noes spouted ice cubes else­where in the world, we got in­ti­mate and I fi­nally came.” “There’s a big heap of mas­culin­ity at stake in be­ing able to make a woman or­gasm the right way. But the way to ac­tu­ally make it

hap­pen is to do it her way.” “He would go down on me for five min­utes and then come up and say, ‘Did you come?’ As if I were go­ing to say, ‘Yes, I just did!

You’re amaz­ing!’”

“How do I ex­plain to some­one that I like it rough and fast, but still want some­one to hold me af­ter and call me pretty? How do you re­ally let some­one in, and not just phys­i­cally? Sure, I can ex­plain the lo­gis­tics of my sex or­gans, but I don’t know if I can ex­plain the in­ner-work­ings of my brain. Un­til I feel safe, I sim­ply can’t give in to an or­gasm be­cause I’m scared of los­ing con­trol.”

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