We did a lit­tle dig­ging to find out why you should be your own un­der­ground DJ.

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Call it what you want – mas­tur­ba­tion, pet­ting the cat, flick­ing the bean, fondling the fig, did­dling Miss Daisy or but­ter­ing your muf­fin – but there are still many un­tapped ter­ri­to­ries in this sub­ject. So we took it upon our­selves to dive right into the deep end to find out more.


A lil’ self-love can go a long way in terms of cer­vi­cal health. When you or­gasm, your cervix opens up and this al­lows cer­vi­cal mu­cus to move to your vagina, which can flush out any un­friendly or­gan­isms to pre­vent in­fec­tions.


Heat­ing pad and Panadol, step aside. The in­crease of blood flow to the pelvic re­gion af­ter a quick rub and tug can ease your pre­men­strual cramps and painful back­aches. Binging on choco­lates is still rec­om­mended, though. Also, the en­dor­phin boost helps you sleep bet­ter.


Women who self-ser­vice are less likely to de­velop Type 2 di­a­betes, ac­cord­ing to a study done by the Univer­sity of Syd­ney. We’re just gonna as­sume that it’s be­cause your hands are too busy to be eat­ing candy at the same time.


Get to know your own body bet­ter, and you’ll be able to guide your part­ner into giv­ing you that mind-blow­ing or­gasm the next time you both get down and dirty.


Have an or­gasm with­out the nasty in­fec­tion? Oh, yes!

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