Carey Ng & Roen Cian

CLEO (Malaysia) - - LOVE & SEX SPECIAL -

Na­tional Di­rec­tor of Miss Uni­verse Malaysia, Di­rec­tor of The Group (Three years to­gether)

What made you re­alise you be­long to­gether? C: The friend­ship and re­spect we have for each other, as well as all the growth and progress we’ve made since Day One – it made us re­alise we wanted a proper part­ner­ship with each other.

R: When I saw how well we got along. No mat­ter what we’re do­ing, time just flies by when we’re to­gether. If one of you had a bad day, how would you com­fort each other? C: A great foot­ball match or cy­cling ses­sion, com­fort food, a good long hug, and watch­ing TV!

R: Hav­ing a good din­ner and just lay­ing in bed, watch­ing TV to­gether. It’s the sim­ple stuff that works for us. How do you two bal­ance each other out? C: He’s the cool cat; I’m the hot nerd! R: We give each other a lot, es­pe­cially space and un­der­stand­ing.

Your re­la­tion­ship role mod­els:

C: My grand­par­ents. It’s a real re­la­tion­ship which has stood the test of time. They’ve been through ev­ery­thing, good and bad, and they’re still hold­ing hands.

R: Our par­ents, for sure – still hap­pily mar­ried af­ter all th­ese years. What are your plans this Valen­tine’s Day? C: I just want to spend time to­gether. R: Din­ing un­der the stars at Strato­sphere – mhmm! You travel a lot to­gether. Which desti­na­tion holds the most mean­ing for you?

C: New York! It was the long­est and fur­thest trip we took to­gether, and we en­joyed ev­ery minute be­ing in the city.

R: Yep, New York. It’s just so ro­man­tic and his­tor­i­cal.

Your top three favourite things about each other:

C: His jokes, lov­ing “insults” and his great am­bi­tion.

R: Her smile, car­ing na­ture and in­sid­eout beauty.

Your most em­barass­ing nick­names:

C: I’m not em­barassed by any of them! Our nick­names aren’t sug­ar­coated or that ro­man­tic, though. Some­times we call each other “Bu­dak”.

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