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We asked, they an­swered. What made th­ese guys make the move from ca­sual to com­mit­ment?

“I used to think ‘My life’s happy, why change it with some­thing se­ri­ous?’ – then I re­alised the rea­son it was so happy was be­cause of the girl in it.” Rob, 28

“For me, tim­ing. Not be­ing too busy, not hav­ing just got out of some­thing long-term, not crav­ing free­dom.” Miles, 23

“I was in a no-strings re­la­tion­ship. But the more sex we had, the more I re­alised how much we had in com­mon. I wanted to be with her out of the house, too.” Max, 27

“When I think about my fu­ture, she’s there.” Chris­tian, 27

“It took me 32 years, while it only took my brother 18, but the for­mula’s the same – it’s just about find­ing the right woman. It does help be­ing 30-plus, though, as we prob­a­bly be­have less like dick­heads than we did when we were 18!” Ge­orge, 34

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