No, this isn’t an­other re­al­ity TV show. Here’s how your favourite cou­ples can teach you a lot about love.

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There’s a cute pic­ture of RPatz and FKA Twigs do­ing the rounds on Tum­blr at the mo­ment. In it, Rob is sit­ting near the stage that Twigs is per­form­ing on, curled into a semi-ball. He’s not draw­ing any at­ten­tion to him­self, he’s just star­ing at her, mes­merised. This shot is just a real glimpse of a man look­ing ador­ingly at his lady. I love it, as I love them as a cou­ple, and once I got over my jeal­ousy, this beau­ti­ful Brit duo shot straight to the top of my ‘Re­la­tion­ship Idols’ list.

A lot of peo­ple look to their par­ents’ re­la­tion­ship as a marker of what they want out of life with an­other per­son (not me – my par­ents are frig­gin’ crazy), or rel­a­tives fur­ther re­moved. My friend April told me her great aunt and un­cle were mar­ried for more than 60 years, and that he used to sign off his let­ters to her from the war with a hun­dred kisses. There’s also the fic­tional cou­ples we love to love (I cried when Brit­tany and San­tana got mar­ried on Glee), or the celeb re­la­tion­ships we just can’t get enough of. Brad Pitt and An­gelina Jolie are a pretty amaz­ing cou­ple, new par­ents Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds seem crazy in love, and, speak­ing of which, Bey­oncé and Jay Z are still killing it, even af­ter that el­e­va­tor in­ci­dent. And Lena Dun­ham’s #nofil­ter py­jama self­ies with her boyfriend Jack Antonoff are what I imag­ine heaven looks like.

But, re­ally, you can learn a lot about your­self and what’s im­por­tant to you in a re­la­tion­ship by analysing any cou­ple you look up to. What pos­tive traits do they have? What is it about how they treat each other that ap­peals to you? How do they have fun? Of course, we don’t ever re­ally know what goes on in any­one’s re­la­tion­ship 24/7. All cou­ples do get on each other’s nerves some­times, but if they’re a good cou­ple, chances are they han­dle hic­cups or big­ger con­flicts re­ally well. Plus, it’s likely they re­spect each other’s feel­ings and talk things out with­out stay­ing on the bat­tle­field for too long – that’s an­other re­la­tion­ship goal I’ve added to my list. But my all-time fave pair have to be friends of mine – Jules and Sam. They’re reg­u­lar peo­ple, do­ing nor­mal things, but you’d think they were co­me­di­ans the way they laugh with each other. They have the ex­act same sense of hu­mour and sim­i­lar ways of com­mu­ni­cat­ing; they praise one an­other, and al­ways sup­port each other’s choices. They’re in love, but

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