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He’s got the stub­ble, the ink, the brood­ing stare and that sexy su­per­bike. He takes ages to re­ply to texts, won’t re­ply in kind when you tell him you love him and when he makes love to you, it seems like there’s a tinge of anger – sexy anger but anger none­the­less. I know. So hot right?

So, you’ve fallen for a bad boy. On be­half of the other men try­ing to catch your eye, you’re wel­come to him. Knock your­self out. We’ll just be wait­ing over here to help you pick up the pieces of your shat­tered heart when you dis­cover his mul­ti­ple Tin­der ac­counts or his se­cret fam­ily in Lom­bok. And trust me, shat­ter it will. Hard.

So on be­half of the other bet­ter halves you over­looked in your quest for a lit­tle taste of dan­ger, there are a few things than need to be said. First up, when he says “don’t fall in love with me”, he’s not be­ing mys­te­ri­ous. He’s be­ing an A-grade douche who is set­ting up an al­ibi when he inevitably does the dirty on you. “I told you not to fall in love me,” he’ll say, like it wasn’t his plan all along. Se­ri­ously, what kind of guy doesn’t want you to fall in love with him?

I say this not out of bit­ter­ness – okay, not en­tirely out of bit­ter­ness – but se­ri­ously, can the sex be that good that you’d put up with sub­stan­dard ev­ery­thing else from this clown?

The point is, you should feel free to in­dulge in this phase all you like but please recog­nise it as such and spare the male col­lat­eral of those less look-at-me types who just hap­pen to be sucked into this vor­tex and dis­carded. Be­cause the thing is, for ev­ery woman who be­moans the lack of mar­riage ma­te­rial men on the scene, I can point out sev­eral she dis­missed as not be­ing “edgy” enough. Or that all-time heart-crusher, “he’s just too nice”. Well, ex­cuse us for treat­ing you with care, man­ners and – oh, wow, the sheer hor­ror – chivalry. Please know I write this with no sense of Schaden­freude – a word your bad boy prob­a­bly thinks means Bel­gian beer. We take no plea­sure in how this story calami­tously un­folds. It’s ac­tu­ally the op­po­site. We not only know how you should be treated, but want to get the op­por­tu­nity to do so. And, no, you won’t be the one to “change” him for the bet­ter. And, no, it’s not that he just hasn’t been loved by a woman like you be­fore. Those are just ra­tio­nal­i­sa­tion pit­stops on the bumpy road to “I can’t be­lieve I fell for an­other guy like that”.

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