How bad are girls at pick­ing up? Ap­par­ently, much worse than you think!

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Here’s some news that’ll come as no sur­prise to any­one who has tried to flirt. A study has re­vealed we’re pretty ter­ri­ble at mak­ing moves and pick­ing up on I-think-you’re-hot cues. Re­searchers from the Univer­sity of Kansas have found that only 36% of men and 18% of women could tell when some­one was be­ing flir­ta­tious.

Al­though it doesn’t spec­ify, I imag­ine the re­sults came from peo­ple as­sum­ing oth­ers were rarely flirt­ing with them, which is nice. But if I’d been a part of this study, I reckon I would have skewed the re­sults a lit­tle be­cause, as the ego­ma­niac that I am, I al­ways think peo­ple are flirt­ing with me. You smiled at me in the su­per­mar­ket line? Ob­vi­ously you want to ask me out. You liked my pic on In­sta­gram? That’s prac­ti­cally a pro­posal. Our abil­ity to de­ter­mine whether or not some­one is in­ter­ested in us has al­ways been an is­sue. Back in the day, we were told boys pulled on our pony­tails be­cause they liked us but were too scared to ad­mit it. Of course, this was prob­lem­atic. Cut to life out of pri­mary school and we take bad be­hav­iour as a sign of in­ter­est, when they are prob­a­bly treat­ing us mean to not keep us keen.

How­ever, the flip­side to this is the afore­men­tioned be­lief that any­one who shows us some com­mon de­cency clearly wants to get in our pants. You see, we’ve be­come so ac­cus­tomed not to en­gage with peo­ple in real life that when some­one dis­plays some ba­sic so­cial skills, we’re con­vinced they’re to­tally flirt­ing up a storm.

I used to think I was a good flirt, mainly be­cause I’m a big one. I want to make ev­ery­one like me. And that’s pretty much what flirt­ing is – mak­ing some­one be­lieve you’re a hell of a catch. Any­way, I say “used to” be­cause a few months ago, I was bat­ting my eye­lashes at a bar­tender who I thought was pick­ing up ex­actly what I was putting down. That was, un­til he looked at me in hor­ror be­cause my hair was on fire (yep). It seems that in an at­tempt to do a sexy hair flip, I’d leaned over a can­dle and set my­self alight. Need­less to say, it wasn’t con­ducive to scor­ing a guy’s dig­its. So the next time you think you’re fail­ing to at­tract a po­ten­tial mate, you can be thank­ful you’re not as hope­less as me. Also, it seems the odds that I’m go­ing to die alone are in­creas­ing.

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“He’s so nice to me ... I’m so lucky we’re friends!”

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