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It’s a no-brainer, but set­ting up a di­rect debit to re­move your sav­ings as soon as you get paid is the best way to stop your­self even con­sid­er­ing that the money is avail­able for in­stant spend­ing. “If you don’t have to go into your ac­count and make a di­rect trans­fer, you won’t feel the ab­sence so much,” Whis­ton ex­plains. Hav­ing your fi­nan­cial sh*t to­gether is a very em­pow­er­ing feel­ing. “Peo­ple who are on top of their fi­nances feel a lot hap­pier, less stressed and more in con­trol of their lives,” says Mark Ran­tall, CEO of the Fi­nan­cial Plan­ning As­so­ci­a­tion of Aus­tralia ( You’d be, too, if you could af­ford a trip to Bali each year, for about RM500 a month, right?

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