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The worst movie cliché hap­pened to me. My brother’s girl­friend and I got drunk, and we had sex. We’ve agreed to keep it quiet but I feel so guilty. Should I bring this up? Bloody hell. It’s all sun­shine and uni­corns this is­sue, isn’t it? What you’re sug­gest­ing here is a dou­ble be­trayal – the act and the lie which fol­lowed it. Ask your­self: Is this some­thing you re­ally want to live with? You both

Ascrewed up big time (no pun in­tended, re­ally) but your brother at least de­serves the truth, and it’s up to him to de­cide where you go to from there. And, by the way, al­co­hol is no ex­cuse.

QI’m a fem­i­nist­minded man and I know my rights from wrongs but icky thoughts like in­cest, rape sce­nar­ios and dom­i­na­tion still turn me on. Does this make me a bad per­son?

ASo much hypocrisy, we don’t even know where to start here. How, on the one hand, can you call your­self a “fem­i­nist” yet the con­stant theme of your fan­tasies seem to in­volve fe­male sub­ju­ga­tion? It’s also in­ter­est­ing that you use the in­fan­til­i­sa­tion “icky”. They are more than that, mate. Aside from the fact two of the acts you de­scribe are flat out il­le­gal, and the third needs to be acted out un­der strictly ne­go­ti­ated terms, I’d keep th­ese ideas un­der lock or in ther­apy, for now. Hav­ing th­ese thoughts does not make you a bad per­son per se, the slight­est no­tion of act­ing on them does.

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