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CLEO (Malaysia) - - THE FASHION FILE -

SWEATER, RM129.90, UNIQLO. This cool­ing long sleeve op­tion in linen won’t have you sweat­ing buck­ets. SWEATER, BERSHKA, RM299; TROUSERS, ZARA, RM119.90; NECK­LACE, MIXXO, RM79; SHOES, ALDO, RM299; GLASSES, MODEL’S OWN. NECK­LACE, OLA, RM219; SKIRT, H&M, RM79.90; JACKET, SPAO, RM299; SAN­DALS, RM459, ALDO. Tuck your shirt into a mini skirt, and no one will know you just came from the of­fice. Build it up with a jacket for El­iza Doolit­tle’s badass-ery. BOMBER JACKET, RM119, H&M. Toughen up with an army green jacket. They’ll think twice about mess­ing with you!

Vanessa Hud­gens

Kar­lie Kloss

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