Dear CLEO, Why is my skin darker on my un­der­arms?


There are a hand­ful of rea­sons be­hind this. Shav­ing, is one of them. Dur­ing re­growth, the hair fol­li­cles start to ap­pear, giv­ing your skin a slight shadow. Build up of dead skin cells is also a fac­tor, so re­mem­ber to ex­fo­li­ate the area dur­ing your weekly scrubs! Fi­nally, chem­i­cals in com­mer­cial an­tiper­spi­rants and de­odor­ants some­times cause skin dis­coloura­tion and hy­per­pig­men­ta­tion. So if you use a spray-on or liq­uid roll-on, switch it to a more or­ganic so­lu­tion, which uses nat­u­ral min­eral salts to ban­ish bac­te­ria and odour. SMELLY-NO-MORE CRYS­TAL ROLL ON DEODORANT

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