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You’re 15 min­utes late for an in­ter­view be­cause you couldn’t find your wal­let. Which has to be some­where un­der that pile of black jeans that all need clean­ing. And by the time you’ve SnapChat­ted the #wardrobe­splo­sion, well … some other girl has landed your dream job.

Ugh, hate her. But sort of want to be her, with her im­mac­u­late colour­coded wardrobe, amaz­ing so­cial life and ac­cor­dion-folder thingy full of al­pha­be­tised tax re­ceipts. Get­ting there from where you are right now can feel daunt­ing but the good news is that de­clut­ter­ing your life is re­ally just about fig­ur­ing out what you re­ally want in life, and let­ting the rest take care of it­self. “When you get clear on what you’re good at and ex­actly what you want, the clut­ter nat­u­rally just starts to fall away,” ex­plains life coach Lau­ren Heys at the Moxxi Group. Once you fig­ure out your pur­pose, you dis­cover new re­serves of mo­ti­va­tion to get the daily shiz in or­der. “Emo­tion­ally and men­tally, when you have con­nected to that big goal, you’re able to break it down and then cre­ate a must-do list of how to get there, which helps you work out what’s im­por­tant and what isn’t on a daily ba­sis,” Heys says.

So, for ex­am­ple, when you re­alise you do want to write that screen­play, tidy­ing a workspace be­comes a lot more ur­gent. Or if friend­ships are your true pri­or­ity, get­ting off Face­book and or­gan­is­ing din­ner with a real hu­man doesn’t seem so com­pletely im­pos­si­ble. “When your pri­or­i­ties are in or­der, you feel calmer and then your en­vi­ron­ment quickly be­gins to re­flect that,” ac­cord­ing to Heys.

There’s still some­thing to be said for iden­ti­fy­ing and tak­ing ac­tion on in­di­vid­ual ar­eas of life clut­ter, too. And Heys agrees. “When there’s some­thing hang­ing over your head, your brain can’t give its full at­ten­tion to what you’re ac­tu­ally try­ing to achieve. You end up do­ing all of the things and none of them well.”

And so, in the in­ter­est of your men­tal clar­ity, to­tal well­ness and a dealt-with ‘to eBay’ pile, we’ve put to­gether three com­mon ar­eas of stuck-in-a-rut­ness along with (neat, al­pha­be­tised and colour-coded) ways to deal with every sin­gle one of them. Hint: You won’t be need­ing any high­lighters or Post-It Notes en masse.

Put your hands in the air like the hot mess you are!

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