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Work­ing out why your closet is an over­stuffed haz­mat zone is the first step to ac­tu­ally deal­ing with it. Are you wait­ing for a day when you’re a to­tally dif­fer­ent size? Do you over­buy be­cause it makes you hap­pier? Or, are you just de­lay­ing a tough choice? The next step is a lit­tle re­al­ity check – ouch, yes, but nowhere near as long-term de­mor­al­is­ing as star­ing down a bunch of too-small jeans every morn­ing. Now, start build­ing the wardrobe that serves your true, best self, right now. Prac­ti­cally speak­ing, fig­ure out if you have more cloth­ing than your space can re­al­is­ti­cally man­age. “Any­thing that ends up hid­den from view won’t ac­tu­ally get worn, and we’ll of­ten end up buy­ing du­pli­cates,” ex­plains pro­fes­sional or­gan­iser Robyn Amott of “If you’ve got no hang­ing space, store things in draw­ers in a fil­ing cabi­net sys­tem, rather than in piles. You see ev­ery­thing and where it goes back.” And, re­mem­ber, if deal­ing with your huge wardrobe is just an epic time­sucker that doesn’t serve a larger goal in life, there’s ac­tu­ally no shame in pay­ing some­one to do it for you. (Or, bet­ter still, re­cruit­ing Mum.)

Di­vide up your wardrobe du­ties — one hour a night for a week, a Sun­day, one shelf a day — and do it while on the phone or catch­ing up with

what­ever takes your mind off the bor­ing­ness of the task. Write down five com­mon crit­i­cisms you reg­u­larly make about your work-self. Now, an­swer each one the way that you would if a friend com­plained that way about her­self. If you wouldn’t speak to her like that.

Less mess; less stress!

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