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ou’ve signed your name along the dot­ted line, men­tally given up three to five nights of your pre­cious time, and dropped hun­dreds on a sleek, Ken­dall Jen­ner-es­que out­fit to work it on the tread­mill. Yep, you’re on the fast track to be­com­ing the selfie-lov­ing gym nut you’ve al­ways wanted to be. There’s just one thing that you’ve failed to ac­count for: peo­ple. The other gym-users who may do things that will bug you. In fact, their lack of eti­quette might even have you trad­ing in yoga class for Net­flix be­fore your trial pe­riod is up. The so­lu­tion? Lead by ex­am­ple. We asked Fit­ness First’s na­tional per­sonal trainer man­ager Michael Cu­nico to coach us on gym man­ners, so you can change the world, one sweat cleanup at a time. Got a cold and are feel­ing a bit run­down? If so, Cu­nico urges you to skip the gym and chillax. “By work­ing out when you’re ill, you spread germs and are likely to get worse,” he says. OK, so there is such a thing as too much skin. Make sure you cover up with ap­pro­pri­ate cloth­ing be­cause while you might look and feel good, show­ing off your body can make oth­ers un­com­fort­able. “Never un­der­es­ti­mate the im­por­tance of hy­drat­ing be­fore and af­ter a work­out,” Cu­nico tells us. If you’re plan­ning on do­ing a sweat ses­sion at night, drink plenty of wa­ter through the day to pre­pare your body.

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